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One reason why cute actors shouldn't die(Moving Target comments)

I just got finish watch "Moving Target". SOOO sad. I didn't want Edison to die. But it was really good. Even if it the SUBs sucked like hell! I mean really! They need white people to do the Subs on all Asian movies. Cause i was correcting the Subtitles most of the movie. It was all in all really good. Edison got it butt kicked, AGAIN! I've never know someone to get thier ass kicked for like 5 mins, and I mean a REAL ass beating. and get back up shoot 3 people and then die after is almost killing the person you were after.

 took some snapshots of the movies. Mostly him getting beat.
 Bloody Fit

So pretty when you bleed

Fits sees gun
you know that this hurts me more then it hurts you

Fits & Big Byrn
AHHH He Bit ME!!

Fits' last effort
The only way to die. On a pile of money!

It was kinda hard to see Edison die Even if He wasn't really dying. It just didn't sit well with me. Well, neither did seeing him get beat up. :-/
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